About Marina

Asturias, my hometown

Asturias, a green and beautiful region in the North of Spain which is full of contrasts: high mountains, valleys, forests, National Parks, traditional wooden houses and the wide Cantabric Sea.

In Asturias we enjoy nature, make and drink apple cider, have drums and bagpipes as local music and keep old traditions alive.

There is no place like home and, for me, there is certainly not a better place than my own home!

A deep interest in languages

One of the things I enjoy the most is studying languages, speaking them and reading English, Italian or French books.

Due to this love I have for them, I attend several language lessons, enjoy my travels more and get international certificates every once in a while:


Certificate of the C2 Level of English by the University of Cambridge.


Certificate of the C2 Level of Italian by the Società Dante Alighieri di Roma.


Certificate of the B1 Level of French by the Alliance Française.


Spanish Teacher Certificate by International House (accredited centre by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes)

A passion for travel

I have travelled to different places over the years and I am sure that it is thanks to all those experiences and people I have met on the way that I am where I want to be today.

Living abroad, visiting different countries and exploring new cultures open our minds and let us see the world from a different perspective and point of view. I would recommend doing so to everyone!

Elaine and Tony - Business Owners, Keswick (England)

Marina is simply the best teacher, professional, organised, efficient, patient and fun… We LOVED our weekly lessons. She always made us feel relaxed in class. We gained SO much knowledge through her excellent tuition, our lessons were always planned so well, our homework marked and dealt with in such a positive and professional way.

Muchas gracias Marina. Eres una profesora buena no, ¡maravillosa!

Segundo García - Industrial Engineer, Asturias (Spain)

After the progress in the lessons, I started to search for a job both in Spanish companies and companies where English was the main language. Because of that, I got a professional opportunity where I live now.

Lessons with Marina were really useful for me and she is a good English teacher. In addition, she is such a nice girl that all of her students enjoy while studying languages.

Tobias L.- Lawyer (Germany)

Learning Spanish with Marina is a genuine pleasure because not only is she amazing to have around and is it fun and enjoyable, you also make huge progress without it feeling like “work” at any moment.

Marina is just a natural born languages teacher: she is absolutely committed to you advancing your skills and you can tell she really enjoys what she does – and so will you!

Fani and Herminio - Dental Technician and Policeman, Asturias (Spain)

In class, we do all kinds of different activities: from listening to audio files, conversations  and songs to studying grammar, reading texts, speaking and translating Spanish sentences into English.

We would like to thank Marina for her patience and charm because without her, our progress in English would not have been possible.

Thank you Marina!