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English Lessons for Cambridge Exams in Llanes

Marina Languages is a small school of languages in Llanes and an official training centre for Cambridge exams, proud member of ACEIPA (Language School Association in Asturias).

Weekly group lessons are available for all those students who would like to take a Cambridge exam throughout the year: from YLE (Young Learners tests) to KET, PET, FCE or CAE papers (both for Schools and Adults). Although we do not do the school homework in class, our lessons will solve the students doubts in order to help them develop their skills and better tackle their school work in a more independent way.


Cambridge Exam Preparation for CHILDREN (7 to 12 years old)

Two weekly hours in which pupils will spend time doing entertaining activities while learning English and getting ready to take one of the YLE tests (Young Learners English Tests) which usually take place between May and June each year. Taking one of these tests will certify that each participant holds an A1 or A2 Cambridge English level forever.

Exámenes de Cambridge en Llanes Spanish Lessons in Llanes

Cambridge Exam Preparation for SCHOOLS (13 to 17 years old)

Lessons take place twice a week and students prepare all the necessary materials and activities to pass one of the Cambridge English tests. This is a perfect combination for their Secondary School English studies. Candidates can sit the exams over the course of the year and once they get one of the certificates, they will be valid forever (A2 – KET For Schools, B1 – PET For Schools and B2 – FIRST For Schools)

Exámenes de Cambridge en Llanes Spanish Lessons in Llanes

 Cambridge Exam Preparation for ADULTS

Lessons are designed to work with the different aspects of the English language which are usually assessed in a Cambridge English Test. From grammar for the Use of English part to the practice of reading activities, listening tasks, writing exercises and speaking fluency. Candidates can take the exam throughout the year (A2 KET, B1 PET, B2 FIRST and C1 ADVANCED) and certificates will be valid forever.

Also at Marina Languages…


Online Lessons

In case you could not come to the academy in Llanes, at Marina Languages we offer you the possibility to attend your English lessons via online thanks to programs like Skype, Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Both private and group lessons are available providing you with the opportunity to learn English in a more flexible way.

María Chávarri - Nursing Assistant, Asturias (Spain)

It was about four years ago when I met Marina. I had failed my exam of English and I needed an English teacher, it was the best moment when I met Marina because I was not able to pass my exam. However, as it was very complicated, Marina encouraged me and at the end I could pass my English exam in less than two months.

Nowadays I continue studying English with Marina and I’m so grateful to her. Besides the fact that I’ve improved my level of English during this time, I do enjoy with each class we have together.

Eva Borbolla - Early Childhood Educator, Asturias (Spain)

One year ago I started my English lessons with Marina. First, I took online lessons via Skype with her and now that I’m back in Asturias, I still study English with her because I love the way she works: very professional, patient and entertaining. Lessons with her are fun, tailored to your needs and a clear guarantee of a constant improvement. I totally recommend her lessons, you will discover an incredible teacher and amazing person!

Christiane - Journalist (Germany)

La verdad es que Marina es una persona muy amable, alegre, abierta, positiva y sobre todo cultivada con quien puedes hablar de todo: desde la actualidad política hasta recetas de cocina (“¿Qué hacer con todas estas ciruelas?”) pasando por « Art nouveau », libros favoritos, moda, música y psicología.

El verano pasado decidimos continuar con nuestras conversaciones a través de Internet y, actualmente, solemos tener una sesión por Skype de una hora al mes. Este método online no solamente resulta muy divertido sino que también impide que pierda el hilo de mis conocimientos del español durante el año. Me resulta muy motivador seguir adelante con mi práctica del castellano mientras vivo en Alemania.

Belén E. - Professor of Spanish Language and Literature, Asturias (Spain)

The possibility of studying online with Marina has provided me with the achievement of all my language objectives. The comfortability I enjoy when taking English lessons at my own home (without spending time commuting to a physical academy) gives me the regularity I need for a better learning.

Personalised lessons are another motivating reason to study with her because I can enjoy Marina’s commitment to teach English in an organised and fun way during my two weekly lessons. I feel that I’m making progress!

Thank you very much, Marina.

Mark, Keswick (England)

As I was recovering from a serious illness I noticed an advert in our local paper advertising Spanish lessons. Imagine my surprise to find a lovely young Spanish girl who was willing to come to my home and help me begin to learn her beautiful language.

Marina never made me feel uncomfortable, was not impatient with me, always sought to encourage me in a very kind way. Mistakes were not tolerated, even a missing accent was pointed out to me in a fun way.

Marina is a credit to her family and an excellent teacher.. Muchas gracias Marina, fue un tiempo precioso.

Suzanne - Nurse, Basel (Switzerland)

Marina teaches in a very relaxed way and she’s very patient!

She’s is from Asturias and loves her cultural traditions. I like that very much because, that way, I can learn many new things about the Spanish culture.

Marina is a very professional teacher of the Spanish language and culture.

I strongly recommend her school!

María Cueto - Teacher, Asturias (Spain)

Marina has been a very helpful teacher who has allowed me to improve my English language skills and, especially, a person who has provided me with a great confidence when having to communicate and speak in English.

Her lessons are entertaining and well organised which allows me to make progress with my English fluency without leaving aside any of the important dimensions that learning a new language implies.

She is also a teacher with excellent qualities to help you to overcome all the difficulties you may find when studying a new language.