Walking and Talking Spanish Courses

Spanish School in Llanes, Walking and Talking Spanish in Llanes

Explore some of the most peaceful and stunning places around the natural area of Llanes.

While practising your Spanish, we will be walking through valleys and hills, along river banks, exploring wonderful beaches, breathing the Asturian fresh air, enjoying the landscapes and discovering some of the most beautiful villages of this area.

Being from Llanes myself, I can share with you all the wonderful hidden gems worth exploring. There are plenty of hiking routes we can do either through the mountains or along the coast. The average time we would be walking varies from one route to another but the most common ones take between 4 or 5 hours to be completed.

After the route, you will receive a complete summary with explanations in Spanish of the new words and expressions we will be learning and using along the way.

Some of the routes we can do together are: 

  • “Senda del Valle Invisible” in San Roque del Acebal (12 km, circular)
  • Start of the River Purón to Bufones de Arenillas, Puertas de Vidiago (12 km)
  • The Coastal Path from Pendueles to Cue (14 km)
  • “Ruta de los Colores” in the Valle Oscuru (13 km, circular)

 Price: 40€ / person

  • Prices are per person and per route.
  • Activity travel insurance per person included in the price.
  • Groups can take a maximum of 6 people.
  • These are just examples of the routes we can do. They are adapted to the time we can spend walking but some of them are originally longer.
  • The routes are quite easy to do and designed to enjoy the landscapes and the different areas we will be visiting in a relaxed and gentle way.
  • We will be practising Spanish along the way and learning more about the history and traditions of the places we will be exploring. After the tour, you will receive a complete summary with explanations in Spanish of the words and expressions we will be learning and using along the route.
  • For every route with us, we strongly recommend taking enough water and some snacks with you.
  • We also suggest wearing comfortable clothes, hiking boots / trainers and a raincoat in your backpack!
  • Marina Languages is an environmentally friendly school. We kindly ask all our students to respect every place we will be visiting, use the bins and not to leave rubbish anywhere.
  • We support local businesses and nearby shops to stimulate local economy.
  • Marina Languages is not an official tour guide agency. We offer outdoor activities to our students in order to practise Spanish outside the classroom. In case you were interested in taking an official guided tour or joining hiking tours in the Sierra del Cuera or Picos de Europa, we will recommend the best local tour guides that will definitely provide you with all the experiences and information you are looking for.
  • Payment should be made at the moment of the reservation.
  • Cancellations or any required modifications should be notified by email to info@marinalanguages.com 
  • In case of cancellation more than 7 days before the day of the route, you will receive a full refund of the money you paid.
  • However, if the cancellation takes place within 7 days before the day of the route, you will receive a full refund of the money except 10€.
  • No refunds will be made if the cancellation takes place within 24 hours before the day of the route.
  • In case of emergency situations, we could reschedule the route if the modification is notified within 7 days before the start of the tour.
  • The school reserves the right to do any modifications on the route dates, in the event of emergency situations or force majeure.